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The Virgin Slayer
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in ♥ Shiima Xion LaVey ♥'s LiveJournal:

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Friday, June 16th, 2006
12:46 pm
thank you Andy, i now have something to kill time!

1. Most recent thing you saw while walking around outside that put a smile on your face:
- My brother's girlfriend's car NOT being here.

2. Last thing I did for just myself that made me happy... the heck with anyone else:
- Bought myself the Type O Negative "Symphony for the Devil" DVD

3. Last current wrestling match or show I saw that really satisfied me:
- Some dragon gate six man from February. Cool stuff.

4. Last older wrestling match or show that I saw that really did me good:
- I've been watching a lot of Hamada's UWA. Robin Hood is my boy!

5. Most recent little thing in my den, on my desk, by/on my computer, in my bedroom or in my office that I looked at and put a smile on my face:
- um...well my Mistico and Tiger Mask action figures are in a homoerotic position. Thats kinda cute. I guess its putting a smile on my face.

6. Annoying thing laying around your den, bedroom or office that you really should pick up and put away or throw out:
- clothes in my room that i never wear anymore. i need to throw them away, or donate that shit to charity or something.

7. The music I've been listening to recently and digging:
- new Gary Numan, Backyard Babies, Samhain stuff, Peeping Tom

8. Recent guilty music pleasure:
- that Permiscuous Boy/Girl/Whatever song from Nelly Furtado

9. I need to pick up some more albums by:
- Backyard Babies

10. Lyric that bouncing around in my head a few times a day... can't get it out of there... but damn it's making me feel good:
since my two BYB cd's have been all I've listened to, the lyric "I'm here, but I'm not here to stay" sums me up to a T right now.

11. tOA poster who most recently gave me a Windex Moment... and what was the topic?
- I guess this is talking about message boards. I dont post on any, though.

12. Last couple of *really good* movies I saw in the theaters:
- I've seen nothing in theatres lately. I wanna see Nacho Libre and Talladega Nights when that comes out.

13. Summer movies I'm plan on going out to see:
- The two I just mentioned

14. Last couple of *really good* movies I saw on the little screen (video, DVD, cable or TV):
- Three Extremes on DVD. It's 3 short horror films from China, Korea, and Japan. Korea's offering, Cut, being the stand out of the three. China had a good one too.

15. Recent guilty movie or TV show pleasure:
- I was mildly entertained by an episode of Room Raiders yesterday on MTV. I hate that show, but for some reason, I didn't mind it yesterday.

16. Silly line from a movie or TV show that's sticking in my head and making me laugh:
- Just the usual lines from Anchorman that I quote every day

17. I really looking forward to doing _______ this coming weekend:
- I'm looking forward to the MSI concert tomorrow.

18. The wrestler(s) I'm digging the most right now:
- Robin Hood. Yeah, pretty much just him.

19. The wrestler(s) I watched recently who suprised me in a positive way:
- I'm always surprised by how bad ass The Warrior was against Savage at WM 7.

20. The wrestler(s) I watched recently who seemed to be working hard to get better:
- Warrior was busting his ass in that WM 7 match. Lemme tell ya. You know he was working hard for this match if he could kick out of freakin 6 flying elbows or something. mind boggling.

21. Recent grub I chowed down that really hit the spot, be it junk or higher quality:
- The ULTIMATE Warr.....Chulupa from Taco Bell.

22. Snack of food item I'm going to be munching on shortly:
- Probably a caramel panda from Taco Bell to go along with my Ultimate Warrior Chulupa

23. Three things (or more) about your special lady or fella that popped into you head that put a smile on your face:
- sexy blonde hair, nice ass, coming home tomorrow from Florida

24. What wrestling newsletter or news site thing put a smile on your face recently:
- um, I thought Joey Styles giving the Most Extreme Player of the week award to The Zombie was really cute.

25. The things around tOA recently that I dug the most:
- no clue what that means.

26. Most recent celebrity that made me really good and horny:
- Shakira

27. Last good book(s) I read:
- Harley Race's book was good.

28. Reading material planned on for the Summer:
- hmm. dunno.

29. Recent book guilty pleasure:
- i guess nothing really.

30. Line from a book that's sticking in my head and putting a smile on my face:
- maybe if I would actually read something other than Motley Crue's The Dirt. Coz I've read that book about 100 times.

31. Happy fun things I plan on doing on my vacation, or did on my most recent vacation:
- Well, when I go to Japan, I'm gonna try to bang cute girls at a Friend's House. Doesn't get much more happy fun than that. Well, if there is background music at the Friend's House...then it would all be perfect.

32. Best news you've gotten from a friend or family member recently:

33. I've been having fun playing around recently with... what:
- Well having text sex with my girl is always fun. It's not like cyber sex actually. I just have her text me something dirty, then I put my phone on vibrate, toss it in my pants, and wait to receive that shit.

34. Most recent positive things you've written (excluding this post), be it e-mail, a story or a post:
- I've written nothing really.

35. TV show (regular or special) that I'm looking forward to new episodes of:
- I wanna watch that evolution of drugs special on VH1.

36. A few things that you're looking forward to in the next couple of weeks or months:
- Japan, working Hero/Claudio, Dragon Gate ECW Arena show, AIW

37. Most recent thing I finished, kicked out, knocked off, put to bed or just plain completed that made me feel good to accomplish no matter how small:
- I maxed out at 210 lbs. yesterday in the gym. that made me feel really good.

38. Sports team I'm digging right now:
- The Vancouver Grizzlies used to have the sweetest jerseys ever.

39. Sports player I'm digging right now:
- Manute Bol was pretty cool.

40. Physical activity (sport or not) that you like participating in most:
- I like to do some wrasslin.

41. Most recent nice thing someone did for me:
- Adam De Ville designed a t-shirt for me. That was super nice of him to take time out of his busy schedule to do so.

42. Most recent nice thing I did for someone:
- I'm about to drive to Taco Bell to buy lunch for my brother and I. That's nice of me.

Current Mood: chipper
2:01 am
interview gimmick for moi!
1) How would you have booked the new ECW to make it better?
- the same things everyone else says they should do. (do tv tapings at the house show venues, establish new stars, etc etc)

2) If you could have any super power what would it be?
- I'd like to be invisible. Just think of the possibilities there ;)

3) What do you think you'd be like if you were a girl (instead of just looking like one :-P )?
- I'd probably be really hot. Yeah, definately hot. The kind of hot where I'd have an ego about the way I looked (just because ive never met a girl yet who doesnt hate the way she looks) and I'd probably be a real stuck up bitch. I'd have cute hair and make-up, though. not unlike i do now as a guy :)

4) What's the craziest kinkiest thing you've ever done to a girl (no need to name names)?
- I'm gonna have to go with the many times I pseudo-raped my ex girlfriend. She just really loved being choked, thrown around, chopped, forced,and taken complete advantage of. It turned her on...I thought it was a bit nutty at times, but I guess that sort of thing isnt as uncommon as I initially thought, either.

5) So if things go well, are you even going to bother to come back from Japan?
- nope. its gonna be cute japanese girls and cute wrasslin for the rest of this kid's life!!!!!
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
11:06 am
everyone should go on youtube, type in Von Erich, and watch all seven parts of that makeshift Von Erichs documentary some dude made. It's really good stuff, but I don't understand much of the symbolism...so while watching it, perhaps some of ya'll could explain to me what the Mount Mihara volcano is suppose to represent...along with the random Unsolved Mysteries clip, and the Japanese kids singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

Now, being a Freebirds fan, I do not like the Von Erichs...though I was and still am a closet Kerry Von Erich fan. But everyone should check that documentary out. It rocks.
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
12:29 pm
Hell in a Cell
Shiima is now more accessible than ever!

Yeah, I got a cell phone. If anybody wants/needs my #, IM me or something.

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, March 24th, 2006
12:26 am
holy shit!
at the finish to that WVU/Texas game. Un f'ing believable!

Current Mood: shocked
Friday, January 27th, 2006
11:41 am
This is fucked up.
I was on myspace last week, and clicked on one of those retarded bulletins. This bulletin was one of the lame petitions that never seem to work. Anyway, the petition needed 900 signatures to "shut this guy down" the guy myspace folk were trying to shut down is this sick fucker:

www.bonsaikitten.com - seriously, check that site out...it's one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen. And I have seen a lot of Takashi Miike films. None of those films bothered me. But when I saw this website, I was sick to my stomach, and pretty pissed off that someone actually does shit like this.

Of course, it wouldn't matter if myspace had 900 signatures or 9000. That won't stop shit. I'm probably more pissed at myself for clicking that bulletin in the first place, because had I not...I would have never had to have known that this dude exists.

I think I just love cats too much.
Monday, September 26th, 2005
10:10 pm
Stole this from Andy...but it looks fun
For each letter of the alphabet, name a band you like

A - Avenged Sevenfold
B - Backyard Babies
C - Coheed & Cambria
D - Dope Stars Inc.
E - Eighteen Visions
F - Faster Pussycat
G - Gemini Five
I - Icon & the Black Roses
J - Can't think of one
K - Kill Hannah
L - London After Midnight
M - Motley Crue
N - Nekromantix
O - Orgy
P - Prodigy
Q - Quiet Riot
R - Rammstein
S - Sisters of Mercy
T - Type O Negative
U - Can't think of one
V - Velvet Revolver
X - Can't think of one
Y - Can't think of one
Z - Zeromancer

For each letter of the alphabet, name a movie you like

nevermind, I don't have the patience for that.
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
11:08 am
10 things that make me happy
Thanks for the tag Mr.Dahmer

1. having good matches
2. good hair days
3. Kaiju Big Battel
4. Really bad Lucha Libre
5. HIM's new cd coming out next month
6. energy drinks (Rock Star, Hansen's, Red Bull, and nothing else..except for Nos. But they only have that in Philly.)
7. late night trips to Sheetz
8. chopping my girlfriend
9. getting things in the mail
10. Penn & Teller's Bullshit!

I tag nobody because everyone I would tag is gonna get tagged eventually anyway. So i say nay to the tagging

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
8:25 pm
Thank you Doe!
Coming soon. The official Shiima Xion t-shirt!!!

Shiima Shirt

Sunday, July 31st, 2005
9:39 am
Fat chick thrilla???
My lovely (and curvy) girlfriend, Kelsey on the left and her cousin on the right. Eat me.

she's hawt

Current Mood: tired
Monday, June 27th, 2005
11:24 pm
Doe tagged me
List five songs that you are currently digging... It doesn't matter what genre they are, whether they have words, whether or not they're your favorites, or even if they're any good. They must simply be songs you're really enjoying right now.

Post these instructions along with your five songs, and then tag five other people to see what they're listening to.

1. "Lucifer's Town" by Malice in Wonderland
2. "I'm a Liar (and that's the truth)" by Motley Crue
3. "Betrayed" by Avenged Sevenfold
4. "Honest Mistake" by The Bravery (it's a catchy tune!)
5. "Killing Loneliness" by HIM (I've heard both the live and acoustic versions, and I must say, this is an awesome song.)

and I tag Dombrowski, Chest Flexor, Jesse Titan Mark, Sterling Bat-Keenan, and Kingdom James
Friday, June 17th, 2005
9:36 am
Today is my Grad Party! YES!
So today I'm having my graduation party at my house. Part of me is excited, part of me is dreading it, but for the most part...I think it will be a good time. But it's times like this that make me extremely stressed out too. I think my entire family gets stressed on important days. I just woke up, and saw my mother and brother running all over the place to get things set up. I walked into my living room, and for some reason, it didn't feel like the same place to me. I looked around, and noticed...that all of my Satanic paraphnelia was gone! And for anyone who has ever seen my house...you know how much Satanic paraphenelia I have in the room. So basically, the living room looks totally naked, and when I asked my mom why she took away all of my stuff...she said "Because I don't want to offend anyone." Understandable, but it doesn't make sense, since my party is being held outside and not in my living room....oh well. If my living room will no longer offend people, I still expect there to be about 20 other things that will. Hentai without his pants on, drunken slutty girls, drunken over the top homosexuals, drunken pro wrestlers, drunken goth kids, and me writing "The Imp of Evil" in cbig black letters above my baby pictures....

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
1:32 am
early morning randomness
Here's some random bullshit! YES!

1. The new Avenged Sevenfold CD is great. Go buy it. Recently, I've gotten really tired of hardcore bands or whatever that genre is supposed to be called. I've enjoyed a few bands such as Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, and Killswitch Engage...but honestly, after hearing about a thousand more bands that all sounded pretty much the same I guess, I've just grown tired of hearing it all. That genre has been killed off for me. So I was reading an Avenged Sevenfold article in my Revolver about their new album. Turns out they feel similar to the way I do about the hardocore/metalcore/whatevercore genre these days. I read on and found out that they totally changed the direction of their new album to a mix of Guns N' Roses and Iron Maiden. So instead of intense screaming with some melody, the new album is pure melody for the most part. Apparently, the screaming had to come to a hault since their screamer had fucked up his vocal chords because of it. Honestly, I think that was a blessing in disguise. The drums on the album are still real fast, which I do enjoy, and the Slash-esque guitar playing is fucking bad ass as well (check out the song Seize the Day). Reading that article got me curious about their album, so I went out and bought it. And just as the article in Revolver described, there were some obvious influences of Guns N' Roses and Iron Maiden, and it's a breath of fresh air for me personally. This album is fucking good. I highly reccommend this shit.

2. Penn & Teller's Bullshit is the greatest show ever.

3. I ordered my first pair of biker shorts from Highspots. They're gonna be bad ass. Hopefully I have them in time for the July 1st IWC show.

4. Kelsey the Kitten fucking returned to my house 24 hours after my entry about her disappearance. She was trapped in my basement for an entire day, thankfully she is okay. That bastard Trizzy D is still roaming the streets, however, to make Jezebel's life a living hell.

5. eh, that is all for now.

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
11:52 pm
Kelsey's newest victim...
Kelsey bites Ebessan

After pinching nerves in my neck a few months ago with her vampire-esque biting fetish, my girlfriend, Kelsey, has now decided to play it safe and bite her stuffed Ebessan doll instead.
4:05 pm
RIP George Mikan
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
10:02 am
So I was sitting comfortably in my kitchen, watching Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Season One on the ol' PS2 when I heard my cat, Jezebel, screaming as if someone had just shit in her cereal. I ran down to the basement, and I was in complete shock when for a split second, I saw a ginormous black cat run across my basement, and take off out the basement door...while being chased by my cat, Jezebel. That doesn't sound like much of a story, right? Well, lemme explain the history here.

That black cat was my former cat, Trizzy D. Some of my readers may remember a LJ entry many moons ago in which I talked about Jezebel getting fucked by Trizzy, and eventually having four baby cats. But while Jezebel was giving birth to the babies, where the fuck was Trizzy D? Dude was nowhere to be found. Trizzy ran away when he discovered that he was the baby daddy. This was three months ago. Ever since Trizzy ran away, I've had numerous people tell me that they saw sightings of the Shining Trizzard. I swear that I hear about a Trizzy D sighting at least twice a week. So at least I knew that the cat was still alive. But then to see Trizzy scurry through my basement, and out the door...methinks it was one of the most dramatic moments I've ever been a witness to. Think about it: After a three month absence, Trizzy D decides to return to his old stomping grounds (my house) and Jezebel, clearly infuriated that shes' had to raise four baby cats on her own, while that deadbeat dad, Trizzy, is out fucking every cat that's in heat. Jezebel, in a blind rage, lets out a battle cry and attacks that bastard. She chases him out the door, but still does not feel that she has gotten her revengance on Trizzy D. I told my brother the entire story, and he did not believe me, and then asked if I had been doing LSD or some other hallucinagen. Damnit. I was telling the truth.

But what exactly is the point of this?

Well, there isn't much of a point, I guess. The basement door was not closed, and after the Trizzy/Jezebel confrontation, I looked around the house for Jezebel's kitten/my personal assistant, Kelsey the Kitten (KTK). I searched the house, but could not find the little bugger. I guess I just had this weird feeling that something may be wrong with the baby cat. I didn't see KTK the rest of the night, and I even had a hard time falling asleep over her absence. The next morning (aka today) and still no sign of KTK. My assumption was that the baby cat was feeling curious, just as many cats tend to feel, and went out the basement door to search for adventures. The problem with that is...she's only three months old, and won't know how to come home. So the tiniest and most adorable cat you'll ever see is out on the streets, wondering where the fuck she is and how to get home. I miss that cat. I woke up this morning about to cry, because I realized that the disappearance of Kelsey the Kitten is simply karma for me. Quite some time ago, October to be exact, a girl dropped a baby cat off at my house. I never said I wanted a baby cat, the girl just assumed. I let this little fucker stay at my house for a few days, and that kitten made my life a living hell. It fried my computer (pissed on the tower) and it gave Jezebel some wacky eye disease for a little bit. In an angry rage, I drove into the backwoods and threw the cat out my car window. I didn't feel so bad about it. But now I feel like Kelsey the Kitten running away is kinda like a receipt from that cat that I threw out the window. Maybe I'm being taught a lesson or something. I don't like it, though.

Kelsey the Kitten, I miss your ass. I hope you come home..but if you're dead, I just want you to know that you were too good for this place anyway.

Current Mood: crappy
Friday, May 13th, 2005
10:31 am
another bad day for Shiima.
Well, I sit here, in my last class on my last day of high school..and I am saddened, not by the fact that I will no longer be in school...but more so by the fact that I will no longer be driving for quite some time. Maybe it's because it is Friday the 13th?

I had a head on collision with a freakin Ford Focus this morning on the way to school. I totaled my car and the Ford Focus. I'm pretty shaken up, but I consider myself lucky to be okay. I wasn't wearing a seat belt, and when I hit...I went flying and the air bag nailed me in the side of the head. I crawled out of my car, and asked the lady if she was alright. Luckily she was, but both of ours cars are totally destroyed. This sucks...I have no car for a long while. I think I might be a little more injured than I think I am, though. My head feels like its spinning. It's stupid. Oh well. I'm okay.

I gotta admit, though, it was a pretty bad ass rush of adrenaline for me after I realized everyone was okay.
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
3:13 pm
Last night was my senior prom. I was the Master of Ceremonies, which is pretty much like the host of the prom show...it was fun, but that was probably the highlight of the night.

I've seen senior proms on movies and shit, and they always portray it as this magical night of crazy wild fun. Damn, what a disappointment my prom was then..because I saw no magic, no after party, no booze, nothing crazy at all. This is what my senior prom experience was like:

I arrived at my date's house an hour and a half late. So she was furious the moment I walked into their house. No problem, though. It's not like we were late or anything.

But the buses that were scheduled to take all of the prom goers to..well..the prom of course, were late. They weren't just a little late either...these buses were one hour and five minutes late. To make matters worse, we had to listen to country music on the radio for the entire 45 minute drive to the site of our prom, the Georgetown in Youngstown,OH.

I was very happy to eat food once at the prom, until of course, my date and good friend, Mallory, got very angry with me. I stole her glass of water in a playful joke, which infuriated a dehydrated Mallory (couldn't you have just asked for a refill? lol) and all hell broke loose right then and there. The next few minutes saw Mallory throw water at me, which led to me calling her a cunt, then a small argument broke out, I told her to fuck off, she cried, and I did not care. Really, this was just Mallory being a bit dramatic, and around twenty minutes after the initial stealing of her glass of water...she apoligized to me, and the two of us attempted to salvage the rest of our night.

The DJ must have really enjoyed country music...because other than the half baker's dozen of lame 50 Cent/Nelly/any random rapper that has Lil Jon in their song that he played...the rest of the night was all about country music. I hate..I loathe..I abhor...country music. Too bad we couldn't have DJ Battlemonkey as our DJ. lol. That would have rocked! But needless to say, I didn't cut much of a rug at the prom. Mallory and I instead spent the evening hanging out with our friends one last time before we all go our separate ways next week when school ends for us.

No after prom party of course...so Mallory and I tried to make the most out of it by going to Sheetz for MTOs and Rockstar energy drinks. Then I went home and slept...and now I'm currently the victim of the most boring day of my life. Which explains why I actually updated the ol' LJ

and now for some photos from Prom.

me and kelsey

That's me and my girlfriend, Kelsey. Notice her rockin the ARK shirt!

me and mallory

and that's me with my date, Mallory.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
10:12 am
My plans for tonight
Yesterday, I saw a commercial for this exorcism show that will be airing on NBC tonight. I guess it's about old guy who is apparently possessed by the devil. Tremendous. This show looks completely ridiculous and I am taping it and all of you reading this should also watch it tonight at 8 PM on NBC. Satan and NBC...a match made in Hell. good times.
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
8:28 pm
Bad day for Shiima
I'm having a lot of personal problems all of a sudden. There was one big one, and I thought I'd be able to handle it, until another big problem has risen to the surface. So basically, to sum everything up without going into details...teachers and parents think that I am on drugs and abuse my sister......all because I was pissed and threw a plastic cup at my sister's arm. I now know more than ever that God does not like me. Fuck.
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